~RaDiO AdvErTisIng~

Ovation Cell Therapy

Falen Bonsett
Falen Bonsett from the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show

I’ve always heard Falen Bonsett from the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show promote this product, but I’ve never really cared to look and see what it did. I typically hear her promoting this sometime in the morning between 6-10 am during the show’s time frame, but this time I heard it on my way home from work around 4:30 pm. This time she was promoting it because of Mother’s Day coming up right around the corner. They were promoting a special Mother’s Day promotion when making a purchase, but they also made it clear that first time purchasers also receive the introductory 10% discount along with the special promotion discount.

Product Make-up:


So, I decided to finally check it out online to see what it was all about. The key ingredient in their product is called Biotinyl which can help improve keratin infrastructure. Low levels of Biotin in your system can cause brittle nails and hair loss. Their products also contain multi-faceted protein based complexes, Panthenol, and other nutrients that make your hair thicker, stronger, and longer.

So basically you go from this:


To this:

Beautiful hair

These aren’t exact pictures of what your hair will end up looking like, but you get the picture. Ovation Cell Therapy offers 3 different basic treatments: Volume, Balance, and Moisture. They also offer a product called the Legacy System which was designed for clients that prefer shampoo with milder sulfates.

Ovation Cell Therapy Facts:

  • Paraben free
  • 365 day money back guaranteed
  • You can purchase a set or a single product item
  • Satisfaction rate of 99.98%
  • Animal cruelty-free policy- They do NOT test their products on animals
  • The standard set starts at $96.49
    • This includes the Volume, Balance, or Moisture Therapy Shampoo
    • Ovation Cell Therapy solution
    • Moisturizing Creme Rinse
    • *** All of these products come in 12oz bottles

“Made of More”- GuiNNesS’ Ad CamPaIGn

Guinness Made Of More

Who are the Sapeurs? A sapeur is a member in the society of elegant persons of the Congo. They are respectful, polite, never vulgar, and are forever young at heart. After years of civil war in the Congo, peace finally returned to Brazzaville. This society was started as a way to escape war. These members dress in their finest clothes and have one simple philosophy- to defy circumstance. The short documentary presented by Guinness shows different men coming together in their finest clothes. It takes you through a glimpse of their life living as a sapeur. These men don’t have a lot of money to spare, but they make it their mission to always look their best. “It’s not the cost of the suit that counts. It’s the worth of the man inside it”.

“When there’s peace, there’s sape. And when there’s peace, there’s life.”

Guinness’ ad campaign “Made of More” is based off the “celebration of an attitude that epitomizes individuals who aren’t afraid to truly express themselves”. Guinness was drawn to these individuals because of their dignity and self-expression. Dressing dandy isn’t associated with wealth to the sapeurs, but its about the integrity and honor underneath the elegant style.

The Sapeurs society is made up of both men and women who are very attached and proud of their lifestyle. They’re viewed as local celebrities in their homestead and people forget about their problems just for a moment as they walk by. I had never heard of this society before nor do I ever drink Guinness, but I love the direction of their campaigns. They advertise more than just beer, but a story that attempts to bring the human race closer to one another. An ad campaign that focuses on the compassion of people and the world around us. It’s not the beer that’s important, but the social setting of drinking a beer with one another while sharing our life’s stories.

“In life, we can always choose who we are”

sapeur boy

Extra Credit: Business Administration Dinner

Last Monday I attended the Business Administration dinner at St. Kate’s and all I can think about is how inspirational it was. The guest speaker Deb Heuer was phenomenal. It was refreshing to have a powerful and outgoing woman get up on stage and tell the audience some of her most personal stories. I always like when strong leaders show you their vulnerable side and that they too are human. I left this dinner feeling so inspired and that anything is possible. I one day would love to open my own boutique store so I really appreciated her story of how she got to the point she’s at now. Not only did I get to just attend this dinner but I was also placed at the same table as Deb and her family. In fact I got to sit right in the middle of them. They were so outgoing and friendly and I actually got to talk to her husband a lot about his business experience and how he and Deb ended up together. It was kind of cool and it was a really nice way to network with people that I would’ve never been able to speak to if it hadn’t been for this event. My only regret was that I had the opportunity to actually talk to Deb one on one and what advice she would give someone who would one day like to start her own business. But, it was a learning experience for me and that I realized I need to step out of my comfort zone more often and ask those questions. I had really good time and the food was great! I didn’t end up with any of the raffle prizes but at least I walked away with good information and a free book!

~FaVOriTe WeBsiTe~

Sean's Grandpa
Old School Cool: My friend’s Great Great Grandpa

My favorite website would have to be Reddit. You can find literally everything you want on this website. If you want fashion advice, you can find it. If you want travel advice or are looking for a good life hack you can find it here. This website is too cool. It’s a website based off of a community of users that will add links to different websites. For example, if there’s breaking news, people will post links to the article of it. Or, they have a subreddit called “old school cool” where users just post old pictures to share with the rest of the community. There are no limits with this website. Reddit is definitely a good way to pass time, but it’s not a waste of time. It’s a site that ranges from stupid quotes and pointless facts to how to properly write an essay or how to blog. If you’re into physics, they have discussions on there specifically for that topic.

Creepy Halloween Boy

I personally use it for the scary and creepy ghost stories that people post. I definitely don’t suggest reading it alone at night, unless you’re into that sort of thing which is weird…. Just kidding. I’ve totally done it. They also have pictures of haunted places, creepy and rundown buildings, and pictures of creepy looking people. I mean there’s just so much creepy going on right now.

But after my scare for the night, I like to end it by looking at cute little animals on the subreddit titled “AWWW”:

Bunny in a back pack!

~YumMy chiPs wIth a Not sO yUmmY Ad~


What makes these delicious chips not so delicious….. this print advertisement I found in the Food Network Magazine. It bums me out when I feel like marketing departments get lazy and non-creative. Isn’t this your job as a marketer to make your product appeal to the general public? To make your product look delicious, fun, hip, exciting, daring, etc.What the heck! Why are these people trying to make these crackers look so boring!? I happen to LOVE these toasted crackers and this ad says to me- “Hey! You want to eat a chip that tastes like a yellow piece of paper”? This ad does not do this snack justice, NOT… AT… ALL.

I don’t understand where they were going with this advertisement. In bigger and bolder words it says “The Chip Makeover.” and they show a cartoon picture of a Ritz toasted chip. Now, it would’ve made a little more sense if they put a cartoon picture of a regular and boring old potato chip and then showed the new Ritz as toasted cracker people having a party. The consumer would at least have something to compare them to without even trying them instead of skipping over the advertisement in general.

My favorite part is the little print in the lower right hand corner of the page underneath the chip bag and says, “Ritz. Open for fun.” Yea maybe at a Dwight Schrute birthday party with a plain banner and balloons without helium:

On the bottom of the page it has the flavors with different colored backgrounds. Yay!!! I applaud them for stepping out of their comfort zone with the blue background and adding a hint of orange, green, purple, and a darker shade of blue. Again this advertisement just screams creativity and drives how amazing these chips are, not. But hey, at least they put a healthy fact in boring print to catch your eye.

~My FavOrIte LiTtLe ThIng~

First, a little history on Tiffany & Co.:

Tiffany & Co. was established in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young as a “fancy goods” store. They eventually got into silver craftsmanship and were inspired by the natural world around them. They were the first American company to use the British (92% pure) silver standard and 1878 got a hold of one of the largest yellow diamonds at 128.54 carats. Their Tiffany Blue Book was also one of the first catalogs to be distributed throughout the United States. They’re also known for creating the engagement ring setting in which the diamond is lifted out of the band. Enough with the history lesson though, here’s my favorite object!!

My absolute favorite little thing is anything from Tiffany & Co., but particularly this necklace. FullSizeRender (1)
It’s a combination of two pieces, but that’s the best part about it. I can add whatever little trinket or charm to it as well as remove any one at anytime. However, these two pieces have been on this chain for a couple of years now. The original was the chain and the heart tag. It was a gift from my sisters when I graduated from high school. It’s personalized with my initials and graduation date on the back. I have worn it almost every day since I received it. The only time I take it off is when I shower and sleep. I wear this necklace with everything as well. I don’t even notice anymore if it clashes with another piece of jewelry I’m wearing, and honestly I wouldn’t care if it did :-). It is a part of me and it will stay with me until the end of time.

The key was a gift from my boyfriend a couple of years ago and I added it to the heart. Its made from silver and the end of they key is a little T. The heart on the top has a Tiffany blue outline. I like it because its subtle color, like a little peak-a-boo of blue that you don’t really notice unless you’re close. Not only is it one of my favorite pieces, but I’m also a little bit obsessed with Tiffany & Co. The Tiffany blue happens to be my favorite color and I am drawn to anything that has it on it.

I love the overall experience that Tiffany & Co. offers. You get sentimental pieces that you know you’ll have for a life time, but I love that feeling when you see that little blue box with the white ribbon tied around it. I get so excited because you never know what could in it. You’re never disappointed from the surprise that hides inside the box!

Not only does Tiffany & Co. sell for the jewelry, but they also make a lot of other items as well. They sell wallets, clutches, sunglasses, jewelry boxes, passport covers,etc. They’re mostly known for the jewelry but its nice that they have other options to choose from. Personally I love the jewelry the most, its worth the money you spend on it. No matter what the occasion is Tiffany’s seems to have the right necklace, ring, earrings, bracelet, etc., for you.

~ThE faTher/ dAugHter boNd~

I don’t know about you, but my one and only superhero as a girl was my dad. There was nothing he couldn’t do and practically nothing he couldn’t fix which to this I still believe. This super bowl commercial was my absolute favorite and even made me cry at the end. This commercial not only hit my soft spot of father and daughter’s special bond, but it also hits home as this little girl he’s raised is going off to fight for our country. I’m not a parent, but I can only imagine the thoughts running through your head as she steps out of the car and starts this new chapter of her life. I can imagine the emotions would be an overwhelming sense of pride, hence the dad crying at the end. I’ve been an avid chevrolet supporter, but I think i’ll keep Toyota in mind for the future.